Play My Way Classroom Edition is an application that teachers can use to design and implement quizzes and assignments to help you and your students in several aspects. The app provides teachers with access to more than 50,000 curriculum-based questions.

Play My Way Classroom Edition is available for teachers and students in grades one through nine and it covers the subjects: Math, Science and English Language Arts.

As a teacher, you can use your teacher web portal or application (available for both mobiles and tablets running iOS or Android) to create and manage quizzes, assignments, classes, and student reports. As a student you can view your reports and receive your assignments on the application available on any mobile device.

Ask your school for your QR code or rescue code, then use them to login the app or the website. On your first login you will be asked whether you would like to change your email and password, and then you can use the app easily.

The school provides you with a QR to scan and be added to the school, the school is also required to add you and connect your account to an email.

Once you enter a class, you will view a list of assignments and quizzes that you created (if you have already). On that page you can press the add button to add a new quiz or assignment to that specific class.

Booklets are different versions of an exam. As a teacher, you can select a pool of questions from which you can delete different questions for different groups and shuffle question order. This way you will have different versions of the same exam covering the same topics. (to cater to different student levels)

The reports show the class average, class progress, and detailed info about student’s strength and weakness points.

a-Go to students page
b-Select the student you wish to view reports for
c-Press reports, all the exams and assignments will appear in the form of cards which you can select to view reports for

No, adding students or classes is only done by the administration. If you have a student missing from your class, please contact the school to add that student.

We at Play My Way aim at providing you with the best experience we can provide. Thus no ads are shown in the app nor will they be in the future.

To get help with your classes or students, refer to school administration first. For further assistance, please use the help form in the teacher or admin portal to contact us with your problem.

Your suggestions are valued and appreciated. For suggesting any new features please visit the contact us section in