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About Us

Take frequent educational breaks while using your smart device. Play My Way is an app that asks you an educational question by popping up every few minutes then hiding after you answer. After finishing a set of questions in Math, Science, & English, you can also view a detailed report. It is a bond between parents, teachers, and students who are in grades one to nine! Play My Way has won the Best Mobile App for kids Award and got 70,000 users in a short period of time. It has remained the 2nd most downloaded app in the UK for two months; not to mention being featured on THE TechCrunch! Play my way is available on the App store and Google Play.

App Features

Practice mode

Review skills of your choice through a set of questions based on grade and subject. You can also use the app for testing yourself for an upcoming exam. Play My Way is also beneficial for revision in the summer vacation.

Time between questions

Enjoy playing your game feeling completely guilty free! Take frequent educational breaks while answering one question every few minutes.

Question bank

50,000+ questions in Math, Science, and English Language Arts for grades one to nine (ages six to fourteen) categorised down to skills.

Detailed reports

Benefit from detailed reports which show you your progress, whether good or bad, you will be able to easily identify which objectives you need to go back to and practice more!

What Parents Think


This edition of the app is now online. It allows you to log in to the app and start your exam in two steps. All you have to do is choose your grade level and the subject you want to be quizzed in, and then choose the specific chapter or skill. You can view detailed reports showing strength and weakness points, power ups & rewards will be also be available. In addition to the “Link Devices” button that will allow parents to control the child's device from their device.

We are proud to announce the release of Play My Way for classrooms or home tutoring. It is the simplest tool that gives teachers time to evaluate students anywhere. Thousands of teachers are already using it to improve their students’ performance.


Our Team

Meet Our Team

A highly educated, dedicated, and mentored team of 12. From ideation to development, they are behind creating a solid platform every step of the way. The team is a Beirut based ensemble of dreamers, visionaries , doers , innovators , and taskmasters.

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We are located at Beirut, Lebanon - Corniche El Mazraa, Facing LibanPost Al-Sabbah Center, 2nd Floor, Block B

Swiss Office Rosa Top SA

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